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Dr. Brockman is more than just a Chiropractor. She is also a certified Acupuncturist, Naturopathic Physician and an RN. She knows the how the body works and can help you in many ways to achieve maximum health.



Bio-Freeze is used to treat and relieve pain and tension in muscles and joints.

Foot Baths
Detoxify your system with a relaxing foot bath.

Symptom Survey
Learn what supplements can help by taking this health quiz.

Insight Millenium
A computer scan of the spine can reveal the problem areas which minimizes unnecessary x-rays (the pain isn't always where the problem is).

Get a clear picture of what problems the Insight Millenium scan indicated.

Eastern Medical practice used in conjuction with other treatments offered to maximize recovery and sustained health.

Laser, Ultrasound, Microcurrent and InterSegmental Therapies
Designed to speed healing, relax muscle tension and make adjustments more effective.

Chiropractice Adjustments
Every nerve in your body travels through the spine. Any misalignments (subluxations) can interfere with how your body functions. Adjustments realign the spine so that the nerves can function at top efficiency to speed healing and maintain bountiful health.


  • Diversified, manual adjusting
  • Thompson drop table
  • Instrumental adjusting with activator
  • Impulse and the "adjuster"
  • Flexion/Distraction table
  • B.E.S.T. (Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique)